Sunday, January 2, 2011


Another year has come to a close, another begins. I'm doing my best to put the past one behind me and look forward to what the new one has to offer. My problem is, I can't let go of things that easily. Certain things stay put in my mind and get over analyzed and chewed like a piece of flavorless gum I should have spit out a really long time ago. Why did I act that way to my friend? Why didn't I think of doing 'x' sooner? Why did I keep watching 'The Event' like it was going to turn into a better show?

In thinking back over the past year, I came upon my list of resolutions from last New Year's Eve. I had big ambitions for myself and the year, or should I say I just wasn't satisfied with doing so little with myself, so this was a pretty big list. Needless to say, I did not do a great job of crossing off a lot of those things I wanted to do. Here are a few that didn't see the light of day:

- Learn to play slide guitar (I took lessons a while back and dabbled a bit with slide, however I think I picked the guitar up twice in 2010)

- Stretch daily (I got to the gym maybe once a week at the least, and that's the only time I really stretched. My hamstrings do not like me and show their distaste every time I try to lengthen them)

- Do at least one creative thing a week (Never even happened. Maybe I should have changed that to 'Go to therapy once a week,' then I would have aced it.)

Now on the bright side, there were some things I wanted to do that did actually get started. For example:

- Cook more (My lack of knowledge and ability in the kitchen leads to normal self defeat in this arena. However my wife and I have done our best to make a few dishes here and there and they turned out great. One of my goals was to eradicate mac & cheese from our weekly menu, which was accomplished.)

- Read more (I used to read a shit ton (that's in metric) of books and comics when I was a wee lad. I've since been wooed by TV, movies, the internet and video games and have not read much. It feels like my brain is turning to mush, I'm not retaining much info and I know a lot less than I should. So my hope is to remedy that by reading more books, newspapers and magazines. Let's hope I can gain insight into the world's political climate through current issues of 'Highlights' magazine.

- Research fatherhood (I'm the kind of guy who likes knowing what he's getting into before doing it. And this, well, this is a doozy. So I got a few books, read some blogs, talked to some fathers and in the end I can safely say that I'm still scared shitless but at ease with the idea of becoming a dad. Now we just have to fit it into our future plans.)

So now that the past is history, what does the future have in store for me? Here's my rough draft so far:

1) Continue doing the things I started last year (cooking, reading, etc.)

2) Meditate on a regular basis

Stretch daily (ambitious, I know)

4) Go to the gym at least twice a week and do Bikram yoga at least once a week

5) Turn off the TV and listen to more music in the house

6) Find a new apartment

7) Stay focused on the things I'm working on and try not to get distracted or sidetracked (I have too many things I want to do with my life, and that makes things more complicated and confusing. It also leads me into being a Jack-of-All-Trades, but a master of none.)

8) Get more organized

9) Try to keep in touch with my biological father (Long story...)

10) Write on a weekly basis (How much? We'll see.)

Glad to see I'm already on the right track. Let's try not to screw this up, ok?

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